Saturday, January 5, 2008

Something strange..

Sorry we havent posted for a few days, its just that something strange has been going on around here... Daddy has been putting all his clothes into a bag! Then yesterday morning, after our walk, daddy went in a car with grandpa with the bag, and he hasnt come back since..

Daisy and i thought the best thing to do would be, to be calm about this whole situation, there must be some sort of explanation!

So we have been investigating, but found no clues.. So we asked mummy.. She said: Oh! Well your daddy has gone to New York to visit his friends! Dont worry sweeties, he'll be back next Saturday.

Hmmm. We dont know what this "New York" is, but we hope it has treats and water for daddy so he isnt hungry. Here is a pic of us sulking coz daddy went away without taking us..

Love, a sad Weeny and Daisy xx xx

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