Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weeny the supervisor..

Being a Pug is sometimes hard work.. you see, as a Pug, and the man of the house, i have to supervise everything my hoomans do.. for example, when they were cooking and cleaning yesterday, i had to sit high up on the sofa, and supervise to make sure they did it properly and didnt hurt themselves..

My perch...


And getting kisses from Daddy for doing such a good job!

Honestly, i dont know how they survived without me!

Love Weeny xx xx

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shower monster

Last time we went to pets at home, this is what happened to us..

Trying to escape..

Daisy, Mid-shake!

The shower monster attacked us! A big metal car type thingy, that hid inside a shower monster that attacked Daisy and I!!

Why are we telling you all this, you may ask?? Last night, mummy said to daddy.. i think its time the puggies went to pets at home this weekend..

Dum Dum Duuuuuuuum

xx xx

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hey! We've had a lovely weekend.. we're sad its over! First, auntie Bex came over yesterday to see us, shes daddys sister, and is so nice! Here we are with her, getting cuddles!

Weeny cuddling Bex..

And Daisy too!

After all this excitement, we enjoyed a nice nap :)

AND we had a lovely hour of dozing in the sunshine this afternoon! Since we hardly ever have sunshine here, it was a lovely treat..

So that was our lazy weekend! We hope everydoggy had a great weekend too!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Saturday, January 26, 2008


We have been tagged for a meme! Here are the rules.

1) You have to post who tagged you and link back to them. The very lovely, Emmitt and Melissa tagged us.

2) You have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

3) What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences.

We would like to tag Poley,Suki Sumo! and >,Jemima Jones!

Ok! Here are our three:

1) We would eat EVERYTHING we could get our paws on!

2) We would sleep on mummy and daddys bed whenever we liked!

(Even under the covers!)

3) And last, but not least, we wish we never have to have another shower in our whole life, and we would just be fresh and nice smelling, as if by magic!
Weeny says NO!

And Daisy said, NO! No more SHOWERS!!

Sorry aboout our bad "paint" abilities! You get the pictures anyway :)

Love and snuggles, Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh dear :(

We are in such big trouble... First, mummy opened the door to someone and i ran out and started running down the street, and mummy had to run for 20 minuites to catch me...She was so worried! Then Daisy did a HUGE pee pee on the Sofa :( Mummy is so sad that we have been naughty today.. Sorry mummy :(

Unfortunatly, mummy got evidence!

Then she had to scrub the Sofa until the pee pee came out, while Daisy looked on in shame..

We were sent to exhile while it dried..

Mummy got fed up with waiting, so she cheated and used the purple warmy thing!

We snuck out of exile, and Daisy tried to get up on the dry part of the couch, with mummy..

In the end, she forgave us, and Daisy snuggled up with her, while i snuggled up with Mr Ratty (More like shook him and flung him around the room!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx


Sorry that we havent really written much lately, you see, we've been helping mummy! Shes been having interviews for new jobs, so we have helped her prepare, like helping her choose her outfit, and going over her notes with her! We hope she gets a nice job, but we will miss spending these days at home with her!

Here i am sitting on mummys shoulder, helping her with her notes:

Here is Daisy, enjoying a nice nap after all that hard work!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Award!

Our lovely friend Pedro the awsome pug pirate! Gave us this award!

We are very touched, and wish we could give it to everyone! Coz reading all your bloggies makes our day!

We will give it to Panda, what an adorable little puggy!
Thanks again Pedro!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weenys new toy!

I have a new toyyyy! Mummy got a present from her nice friend Lauren, Lauren knows that mummy loves Harry Potter, so got her a toy of the rat, Scabbers (Ron Weasleys pet Rat, who turns out to be.. Peter Pettigrew!) Anyway she had it higgghhh up on the shelf where i would gaze lovingly at the rat, when suddenly, one day, Plomp! It fell down! hehehehe! Mummy didnt notice, and i snuck Mr Ratty over to my bed, ever since then, he has been my new toy! I love my ratty and mummy said i can keep him, as she feels being slobbered all over and shook hard is a good punishment for evil scabbers! I call him Ratty, or Mr Rat, or Ratty Mc Rat Rat.. Here i am playing with him!

This is Mr Rat! (and my chubby leg!)

I loveee Mr Rat!

Hmmf! Can you guess who made me pose in this SILLY way for the picture?! muuum! You are embarrasing me in front of my bloggy friends!!

Much more manly and strong!

I have also got into a bad hebit of shaking Mr Ratty around violently and getting closer and closer to Daisy who backs away and backs away until... POUNCE! and we have a wrestling match! (she usually wins!)

Love Weeny xx

Pug of the Day!

OOO! We are famous! We are stars!! We are Pug of the day superheros!

We are SO excited!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Monday, January 21, 2008

Daisy explains..

Some of you may wonder why i dont really say much on this bloggy.. well, you see, when i was young, i was horribly treated by my previous owners. They kept me outside in a tiny cage with no water and stale food, Daddy found me and rescued me, At first, i was a nervous wreck, i shook contantly and if anyone came near me, or was kind, i did a pee pee out of sheer terror.. Mumm said it was heartbreaking... Now, with a lot of love and patience, i am a very happy(and very small) little pug, but i dont really have the clown-ish ways that Weeny does, i am very content just sitting as close to my mummy (preferably on her lap) and enjoying her love... Mummy says I have turned into a very very sweet, kind, loving little pug, who loves giving kisses and twirling around in excitement!

Weeny, was with our daddy since he was a puppy, so is a completely different pug! He is clownish and funny and adorable and a total mummys boy! He is a lot more comfortable and often does silly things that make everyone laugh, so there is more to write about! So in future, when there are weenyposts, dont worry! I am here in the background, happy as can be that i have found a forever home with a family that is as kind and loving as can be!

Lots of love and gentle licks,
Daisy xx

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weeny and the Sulky Step

I love cuddling up with mummy and daddy, especially if they let me on the bed! But sometimes i jump up without permission, so i sit like this, until i'm told to get off, or told its ok to sit there for now... hehehe, pretty pathetic?! It gets worse... When mummy and daddy open the door, to take out the rubbish, or answer the door to someone, i also want to go outside to explore, and if mummy and daddy say i cant go out, i sit on my sulky step. I think the pictures explain this, but in case you didnt guess, i go on this step and sulk, till mummy or daddy pay me attention!

Heres what i think of not being allowed outside whenever i want to!!

Love Weeny xx xx

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fondue Madness!

So for Christmas, Daddy got Mummy a fondue machine.. Mummy told us that this MELTS chocolate! Woah! Anyway mummy and daddy decided to use this magical chocolate melting machine last night..Here are some pictures of the grand unveiling of this magical machine.. see if you can spot any cute puggies!

Here is everything ready to go!

Mummy put the chocolate in, ready to melt!

Its melting!

Weeny making sure it was melting ok..


Please can i have some, mummy?

Pretty please?!

Hooray! Mummy gave us a bit of Banana while we all waited! No choccy on it though. Booo!!

Some for Weeny..

And for Daisy! (Check out her eyes, she gets all googly eyed when she is excited!)

And its all ready to go! Here is mummy taking the first sneaky try!

She said it was delicious! And we got some Banana, so everyone was happy!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx