Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunday fun!

Sunday was our last day and grandma and grandpaw, but that didnt stop us from having a great time!

First, we went to visit Daddys grandma and grandpaw, and we saw our friend Fred! He is a Basset Hound and he loves us very much! Unfortunatly he is, well, slightly more rounded than he should be, so he finds it hard work running around after us!

Here are some piccies from our visit..
Here is Daddy, kissing Fred hello!

Fred was getting a bit too friendly, so i biffed him on the head! hehe! (dont worry, he said it didnt hurt!)

Handsome Fred, posing for the picture!

Fred playing with Daisy in the garden

Then we went back to grandma and grandpaw's house, and it smelt soooooooo delicious in there that our puggy chops were watering! I even resorted to sitting at the table, begging for food!

All i got was a chin rub from daddy, which WAS good, but you cant eat chin rubs, can you?!

Finally, after alll the hoomans had eaten, we were given our very own mini meals! roast chicken and vege troubles! NumNum!

After dinner, everyone layed around, relaxing, while they waited for the football to come on (soccer).. you see, daddy told us, it is a VERY important game, Tottenham hotspurs (Daddys favorite team) Versus Chelsea (their rivals) and it was the Carling cup final! If they won, they will have won the league! So we waitied patiently for it to start..

Here is Daisy sitting on mummys lap, with daddys tottenham hotspurs flag hanging up in the background... the match has started!

Guess what.... THEY WON! 2-1 to Spurs! hooray! Daddy was very happy! After the game, grandma and grandpa drove us all the way back to Cardiff, while Daisy and i snored our heads off in the back as we snuggled up to mummy and daddy! What an amazing weekend! We cant wait to go back soon!

Its nearly the weekend, and we are going to the mobile doggy wash place.. Maybe if we try extra hard to look cute, mummy will forget to take us? well, we will try anyway!

Love and puggysnuggles
Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok, time for the next part of our trip! This is all the stuff that happened on Saturday!

First we had a nice sniff around in the garden.. isnt it pretty? Mummy loves it as we dont have a garden at home, and it's so nice and peacefull there!

This mean cat didnt like us at all, and kept hissing at us! :|

Mummy shooed it away for us and we were happy again! Look at the beautiful views from grandma and grandpas garden!

We were supposed to go to Daddy and Mummys friend Islewyns farm, but the night before, a cow was having a BABY! and Islewyn was very tierd from being awake all night long, so instead, daddys sister drove us up to the commons, which is a lovely bit of open land, which anyone can go to, so we went and had so much fun running around!

Look how windy it was! Daisys ears are sticking straight up in the air!

Here i am with my daddy!

What a fun adventure! The only problem was that the car (and us and the hoomans) got very muddy! So daddy suggested taking us to a "car wash" we sat back in the car in ignorant bliss

Until we found out that a "car wash" is actually a terrifying, noisy monster that attacks your car! We were very scared and mummy had to sit in the car with us to calm us down!

We we VERY glad when that was over! We then went home and slept for hours, while mummy and daddy went out for a nice meal with grandma and grandpa!
Tomorrow, we will tell you all about sunday: football match, delicious food and meeting an old friend :)
Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Monday, February 25, 2008

We're back!!

Hooray! Back home in our lovely flat! :D We had SO much fun this weekend, and mummy and daddy really enjoyed the little break away from the city! We took so so many pictures of our adventure, and want to share them all with you :) We took so many, that it will be easier to do one post per day that we were away! (crazy mummy and her camera!) This is Friday, the day we went there..

Here we are with mummy and daddy at the train station in Cardiff!

Finally the train came! So exciting! Here we are sitting on the train, it only took 40 minuites and he were very excited!:) First here is Daisy sitting like a good girl on her seat..

And here i am peeking out from beind the seat!

When we got to the station, we had a long drive and Daisy and i fell asleep, and when we got to Grandma and Grandpas house, it was very late,so we went straight to bed! Here we are snuggling up for the night

Next post.. Saturdays adventures: walkies, garden exploration and a terrifying incident!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Friday, February 22, 2008

a quick note..

Before we go away (in an hour and a half!) we just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely comments.. they make us feel all warm and squishy inside :) We love all our bloggy friends! :) Also, we wanted to answer a question that a couple of you asked... when we go on the train, will we have to go in a crate?... the answer is.. no! :) If some of you remember, when we went to visit our other grandparents, who live in London, we went on a train that time, too and we put pics up.. lets see if we can include a link.. Here is is! arent we clever! You can see in the pics on that post, that we basically sit on the seat with Mummy or Daddy and can walk around the choo choo! Its so much fun :) Daisy likes to sit on mummys lap and help her read her magazine, and i love to try and run off and explore the carriage and make new friends (i.e have new people to fuss over me!)
How exciting! Off on an adventure! We'll miss you all too, but we'll be back before you know it! :D

Love and snuggles

Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going away!

Hooray! We are so excited! Tomorrow evening, when mummy and daddy get back from work, we are going on a train to visit Daddys pawents! How exciting :D We havent been there for years, (they usually come to visit us!) Its in the counryside with mountains and hills and trees and flowers where we can run around as much as we like, without worrying about big scary cars running us over! We will tell mummy to take pictures so we can show you them when we get home! We will miss you!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

(Pee es, we are only going until Sunday night, but it's still very exciting!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Adorable Weeny

Sorry for the lack of posting and visits to everydoggys blogs, our mummy, who helps us to run our blog, has had a manic week at work and comes home exhausted every night, but she managed to take some lovely pics of me, when i was posing, and looking my general, adorable self... Enjoy!

Phew! All this posing is hard work!

And of course, a picture of the beautiful Daisy

How is everydoggy? We hope you are having a great week :) lots of puggy love, snorts and kisses,

Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun in the Park!

Mummy and Daddy have discovered that there is a big playing field near our house, which is like a mini park, so we went there today, and had a great time, running around and we met some other doggies!

Here we are with our lovely friend Milo! We usually see him out and about on our walks, so it was nice to also see him in the park!

After Milo left, we had fun sniffing the nice grass and exploring

Then, the best bit! Daddy ran around like a lunatic, while we chased after him! Mummy was laughing her head off! See if you can spot us in these pics!

Here we are running around and having fun, before it was time to go home!
Go Daisy!

Time to go home, Daisy

Love and excited puggy snorts, Weeny and Daisy xx xx