Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh dear!

Well mummy mentioned the S word again! (Shedding,not poo) She said that we are shedding so so much and it is out of control, so she is hoping that a good scrub and brush will maybe help?

Here is her evidence!
Our pink sofa with weeny and daisy hair all over it..

And her black trousers, covered!

She says she feels like a Yeti with all this hair all over her.. we dont know what a yeti is, but if its hairy, it must be fun!

Here's what daisy thinks of showers..

Love Weeny and Daisy

xx xx


Pedro said...

Ever since my Momma started giving me baths, I shed less. I was pretty bad for a while, but they say it was becuase I was probably losing my puppy fur. I don't mind the bath but I much rather jump in the shower while Momma takes a shower. Her soap tastes WAY BETTER than mine!

The Devil Dog said...

I hate baths. I do I do I do! I blogged about it in Oct or Nov and there is a terrible picture of me in the tub, Mom thinks it's funny but it's not. As for shedding, she says "oh well"


Nevis said...

I give Napoleon baths every week. I have to, otherwise he get's too stinky! Right now I'm obsessed with this awesome shampoo & conditioner that smells like bananas....Yum-O!

Mack said...

So sorry your mom said the "B" word.
Cross your paws and maybe she'll forget about it!

Mack said...

Oh yes! I'd love to come over and play! We live in Texas - can mom drive to your place???

Oscar said...

Don't worry. I do that all the time. mommy doesn't like the fact that I shed a lot. It means she has to vacuum all the time. her favorite color to wear is black and after about five minutes of putting on a black shirt-she's wearing me! It's just another thing I do to make the life of the human's difficult. They adapt!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey guuuys!!! Oooh I looove baths! But I'm weird... :P

Frasier said...

i shed too!!Little white hair all over the place.
It even went home with gramma and a year later she found my hair!!I think its a comforting thought !!!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

oh I know what you mean! Willow and Belle and Turbo shed like CRAZY! I read somewhere to rub a drier sheet over the area with fur and it picks it right up! I tried it with the BOUNCE fabric sheets and it really does work! Besides it also makes your furniture smell so good and fresh!

Frances Louise said...

Hello guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. My parents totally sympathize with your Mom . . . I personally don't know what all the fuss is about. I think pug hair is a fine accessory . . .