Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some pictures

We're back again!

We guess we havent quite got the hang of this 'blogging' business! We tried to put some pictures in our last post but nothing happened! Ok we will try again!

Hooray! Here we are! Allow me to introdude myself, Weeny, I am the handsome man on the left, and my best friend Daisy is the beautiful lady on my right! I am four and she is 3 and we love eachother very much :) In this picture, we are watching mummy type on the computer.. The thing is, she was also drinking tea at the time, and Daisy and i LOVE tea.. We waited patiently for ages, and in the end, mummy was very nice and let us both have a small lick and we were so happy!

We will post more pictures so you can see other things that we like doing

Bye for now

Love Weeny and Daisy

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