Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was caught! I found a bit of chocolate on our walk just now and i dived into the packet to gobble it all up, but daddy caught me and took it away! Mean daddy! He said that there was 'Evidence' on my puggy chops.. i dont know what he means! See if you can see anything in this pic? Daddy DID say that if i had ate it, i would have been very ill, so i guess he was just being helpful.. Still, that chocolate really smelt yummy!

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The Devil Dog said...

Trust me, you WOULD have been very sick. I have eaten a 14 ounce bag of M & M's and boy oh boy was that a terrible night. Your dad is just protecting you. If you've been reading my blog, then you know all about my fun time after eating the chocolate chip cookies. I think I need to stay away from things like that from noe on.
Thanks for coming to visit my blog. You look like a couple of very fun pugs.
Stay out of trouble. That is hard for me, but not for Lucky, most times.