Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ok, so i take a nap for FIVE minuites, and wake up and there is a huge scary green thing in our lounge!! It is sparkly and it doesnt smell dangerous, and it doesnt really do much, but i still dont like it and i bark at it, to tell it who's boss! Daisy likes it and tries to eat it and it makes mummy and daddy happy.. but i cant help it.. i just dont like it! I posted a picture of me and the scary thing, to see if maybe one of my puggy friends can tell me what it is?
Licks and cuddles
Weeny and Daisy xxx

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Bella Wrinkles said...

Hi Weeny & Daisy! Tell me a little more about yourselves, all I know is that you are adorable (as most pugs are)!