Saturday, December 22, 2007

Helping mummy!

Today was a tiering day for us, we helped mummy wrap all her christmas presents, well we supervised, which is a very important job! Then we slept on the couch while she tidied the house, then we sat with her while she had a cup of tea.. See? Exhausting i tell you! As you can see in the pictures, we take the supervision of present wrapping very seriously.

Here i am, checking that the presents are to my satisfaction before they are wrapped, ready to be handed out on tuesday!

Here i am, in my favorite place... in mummys lap.. it made it a bit hard for her to wrap the presents, but she cant resist my charm! Anyway, it was the perfect spot to supervise from!

Nearly done! Here i am, advising mummy the best way to wrap this present..

After all that work, we were exhausted! Time for a nap, i think...

xxx xx xxx

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Nevis said...

You're such a good pug to help your Mommy like that! ;)